History of Clarity  

Affordable price and wide range of features make Clarity perfect for small to medium utility companies, water districts, mutual water companies and mutual water associations.

In 2007, a small water company asked us to replace their mutual water billing program. The old software was a 20-year-old Borland Paradox application and was failing in numerous ways on their current computers. After successfully building a modern Windows-based application for this first organization, we were approached by another mutual water company to create the same type of application because their old DOS-based software was also causing them problems.

We then adapted this custom mutual water billing program and called it Clarity. This generic software would fit the needs of most mutual water companies and their unique billing processes. The software was also flexible enough to be adapted for other uses. For example, we have modified Clarity to be used to manage a small water district.

As a result, water companies will benefit from having off-the-shelf, modern software that is flexible enough for their use, without the expense of a fully customized software program. The investment will ensure years of continued use.

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