Water billing and utility billing is easier with Clarity designed for small to medium utility companies such as mutual water companies, rural water companies, mutual water associations and water districts.

Mutual water companies and others will find a water billing program that easily adapts to their way of doing business. Clarity can be configured to charge for sales tax and sewer charges based on water used. This flexibility was built into Clarity to meet the requirements of a diverse industry at an affordable cost.

Book keepers will find that they can manage utility billing for multiple companies while only paying for a single copy of Clarity software.

Key features of Clarity software for water and utility billing.

·         Calculate water and sewer charges using multi-tiered and flat rate pricing structures

·         Enter meter reading once to calculate and charge for utility services.

·         Setup for five different billing periods.

·         Automatic and adjustable due dates.

·         Snowed in? Automatically set meter reading water used to zero.

·         One screen to manage charging and crediting accounts.

·         Miscellaneous charges and credits applied to all or one customer easily.

·         Easy bill printing. You can choose either post card or standard 8 ½ x 11 billing statements


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